How does the hydraulic system control direction?

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 Hydraulic system plays a key role in controlling the direction and speed of mechanical equipment, so how is the hydraulic system to control the direction of it, hydraulic system manufacturer Shuangzhuo hydraulic with you to introduce. Hydraulic system direction control is not complicated, mainly through an important component - directional valve to realize.
The important directional valves in the directional control of the hydraulic system are directional valves:

Directional valves contain check valves, check valves: fluid in the pipeline can only be connected in one direction, reverse that is cut off.

Directional valves: to change the different pipelines between the on and off relationship. According to the spool in the body of the number of working positions divided into two, three, etc.; according to the spool drive manual, motorized, electric, hydraulic, etc.; according to the number of channels controlled by two-way, three-way, four-way, five-way, etc..

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