Concrete pump truck hydraulic system oil temperature is too high reasons and preventive measures?

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Let's start with a brief overview of what causes higher oil temperatures.

        1, Improper adjustment of pressure
        2, improper adjustment of the cooling system pressure
        3, the viscosity of the hydraulic oil is relatively large
        4, hydraulic system internal leakage
Know the reasons for high oil temperature, then what are the corresponding preventive measures?

1, the hydraulic solenoid valve in the hydraulic system to carry out inspection of the working pressure
        Concrete pump truck pumping hydraulic oil system in the oil temperature is too high condition caused by the key reason is the hydraulic solenoid valve working pressure does not comply with the regulations. Only by strict supervision and inspection can we find the problem at the first time, solve the difficulties, and prevent the aggravation of the problem;.
2, in the normal operation of the hydraulic system, not work in the components must be unloaded
        Concrete pump has four hydraulic oil pumps, respectively, the main hydraulic oil pump, centrifugal water pump, telescopic arm hydraulic oil pump and its mixing hydraulic oil pump. In the case of all normal concrete pumping, centrifugal water pump and telescopic arm does not participate in the tasks, this time, they must be carried out to throw support, if one of the two is not unloaded, in the normal work of the hydraulic system, it will cause the oil temperature to rise.
3, enhance the management of hydraulic oil
        In the application of hydraulic oil before, must according to the specific circumstances of the selection of viscosity suitable gear oil, reduce the viscosity is not suitable and caused by the probability of high oil temperature conditions. In addition, it should also improve the management method of its entry and exit from the warehouse. In the process of purchasing hydraulic oil, the quality of hydraulic oil should also be tested.
4, improve the control system design
        Hydraulic system in the application of the whole process, there will be high oil temperature conditions, such conditions and system software design program has a certain relationship. Therefore, in order to prevent the emergence of high oil temperature conditions, can improve the design of the system software, mainly to improve the automotive fuel tank, oil pipeline and its heat pipe radiator design program. Expand the pipe of the oil pipeline, and reduce its length to ensure that the hydraulic oil can be transmitted smoothly in the oil pipeline. If the capacity of the automobile fuel tank is small and the heat pipe radiator is not strong, it will also cause high oil temperature.

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