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SAE adaptors

A hydraulic pipe joint is a component in a hydraulic system that connects a high-pressure oil pipe to a high-pressure oil pipe.

Product description

Product Description: SAE hydraulic pipe fittings and adaptors

<1> Product sub-categories are included but not limited to the followings:
*37 degree JIC pipe fittings
*Pipe adaptors
*NPTF pipe fittings
*Adjustable and O-ring fittings
*SAE flareless bite fittings
*O-ring face seal fittings
*Beaded hose fittings
(***Please consult our factory for more products in other different configurations and sizes***)


<2> SAE hydraulic pipe fittings and adaptors are to be made to SAE J514 & SAE J1453 etc. standards.


<3> Raw material options: 1020, 1045, 316 and other material designations customers specified.


<4> Product size options: product sizes range from 4mm through 100mm.


<5> Surface finish options:
*Natural finish;
*Yellow zinc plating;
*Silver/Green/Black trivalent plating;
*Anodic oxidation;
*Black/Green phosphating.

Hydraulic pipe joints can also be divided into hydraulic hose, high pressure ball valve, quick joints, sleeve type pipe joints, welded pipe joints, high pressure hose, transition pipe joints, three way pipe joints, non-standard pipe joints, flamed pipe joints, right Angle pipe joints, rotary pipe joints, quick joints, stainless steel pipe joints, copper joints.

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